The Painted Bottle

It was the original ‘Cheap Booze’ sign, painted by a jobbing Signwriter on two large adjoining panels and mounted up high for maximum visibility, that captured the local imagination and in particular that of the hip urbanites.
The no brand, no font, bold brashness of the sign did perfect justice to the no frills name of the enterprise: CHEAP BOOZE.
The knowing use of the words: ‘BOOZE’ coupled together with ‘CHEAP’, both terms not generally employed by the alcohol retail and advertising industries, suggested a certain kind of irreverence towards the tenets of consumption, commerce and capitalism.

Mounting the bottle cut-out on the wall – June  2000.
Going up on the scissor lift.
Bottle installed.
One of many refurbishments since initial instalment.

Several factors contribute to the need for regular upkeep- the sign faces due
south giving maximum exposure to sunlight and is made of plywood, paint and
varnish all exposed to the elements.
Close up of deterioration, especially around the join in plywood panels.
Replacement Cheap Booze sign – work in progress.
Repair work underway with replacement Cheap Booze sign to protect join in
Finished result.
Corner view of finished refurbishment.
LED lighting added behind sign panel.
LED silhouetted glow effect at night.
Wide street view of newly refurbished and illuminated sign.