Digital Design

Shortly after the Cheap Booze painted bottle had been completed and installed, I began attending part time courses in ‘Digital Design’ at the London College of Communication in Elephant and Castle, London.
The course aims were to gain experience in using digital software, in particular the Adobe suite, to realise design and visual concepts.
The assignments given enabled me to develop ‘Cheap Booze’ further as a theme.
The idea of a 3D bottle top sign emerged and led to early experiments with image compositing in Photoshop. The culmination was a large poster style print of the bottle top which was later hung inside the Cheap Booze shop. The making of this image allowed me to experiment with combining digital photography of real objects with graphic elements and photoshop effects and editing.

Closeup of the Cheap Booze corner with painted bottle cut-out, original ‘Cheap
Booze’ sign and remains of my first ‘Holsten’ cut-out sign.
Photoshop visual of proposed 3d ‘Bottletop’ sign.
Side view of original Cheap Booze double sided sign.
Side view with Photoshop visual of Bottletop sign.
Original Photoshop visual of Bottletop.
Bottle Top Poster – Cheap Booze shop.
Window Display Project: before.
Windows with vinyl graphics applied.
Full view of vinyl graphics applied to windows.
Original black and white T-Shirt graphic.
Bottle graphic duplicated into rows in Andy Warhol ‘Coke’ bottle style.
Grid of bottles in Andy Warhol style with added randomisation and gradation